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Introducting Our Yokohama Campus

Eco Campus

The “eco-campus” concept refers to a campus where the school takes the environment into account when renovates its facilities and it utilizes new forms of energy. Meiji Gakuin started its Yagi (Goat) Project as one implementation of this project.

In Yagi Project, the university brings grass-eating goats on to campus in order to maintain vegetation in some areas. These goats come from the Yagi no sato (“Village of Goats”) farm, and they primarily dwell on a hillside next to Building A.

For other areas, student volunteers and others maintain the campus environment by cutting grass that is then given to the goats. In recent years, up to three goats have lived on campus between March and August to support our eco-campus goals.

In 2017, the student volunteer group “Yagi Club” won the “Yokoyama Environmental Activites Implementation Award” for their work to support the university’s environmental activities.
>Item from the university news in Japanese.

Please take a look at the Yagi Club’s online sites!

Twitter: @mg_eco_yagi
Instagram: meigakuyagibu

The Totsuka Festival

Every year, Meiji Gakuin University hosts large school festivals on its Totsuka (Yokohama) and Shirokane campuses. In Yokohama, the “Totsuka Festival” centers on the themes of the environment, social welfare and international exchange. During these events, the university opens the campus to local residents, and the festivals build a spirit or cooperation between the university and neighboring communities.

※Meiji Gakuin did not hold these events in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic


The theme of each year’s festival is built upon the three pillars of “the environment, social welfare, and international exchange.” A selection of past themes for the Yokohama Campus’ festivals: “Peace and Piece”, “Sand Clocks”, “Puzzles”, “MGUnet~Magnet,” “Ready – Go!” and “Lighting the Heart.”

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