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Message from the Department Chair

Prof. MORIMOTO Izumi, Chair

Since its establishment in 1986, the Department of International Studies has aimed to cultivate the multifaceted and critical thinking skills necessary to thrive in the global society. Our goal has always been to develop the qualities and abilities essential for individuals living in the rapidly changing 21st century, characterized by the increased availability of new knowledge and information, and by technological innovation.

The Department of International Studies offers three specialized fields of study: Comparative Studies of Culture, Economics, and Political & Legal Studies. Additionally, there are three fields of study for exploring global issues: Multicultural Society, Environment, and Peace. Our flexible system of majors allows students to engage in interdisciplinary studies, such as combining Comparative Law and Politics with Peace Studies or delving into Environmental Issues while studying International and Comparative Economics. Students are encouraged to develop their own learning framework based on their interests, within this system of majors.

Furthermore, we provide small-group seminars from the first to the fourth year, where students and faculty engage in dialogue, deepen their thoughts, and develop the ability to discuss specific issues. Learning opportunity extends beyond the campus through field trips, internships, and study abroad programs. Finally, students’ four-year learning journey culminates in a graduation thesis.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the surface and exacerbated social issues that were previously latent. The restrictions on human and material movement have made us realize the interconnectedness of our lives with various regions around the world. In this global society, how can we address the social issues we face? Why not articulate the vague discomfort you may feel, re-examine it from various perspectives, and give it shape and form, through words? This process will undoubtedly open up new horizons. To support this endeavor, we provide a diverse team of faculty members specializing in various research fields and regions, waiting for you to join our vibrant global learning community.