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Academic English Program

Academic English Program

During your first three years, you take courses in the Academic English Program to enhance your reading, writing, discussion and presentation skills. The goal of the AEP is to bring your academic literacy skills to be on par with university students in English-speaking countries.

The AEP courses emphasize thoughtful engagement with contemporary and global issues, developing your ability to analyze, evaluate, and respond to them critically and creatively. The courses also focus on helping you acquire a sophisticated understanding of writing and other forms of communication as acts of public participation and expression.

The AEP features tutorial courses in which instructors work with you individually to improve your written work. Since the department expects most student to study abroad for six months to a year, or participate in a long-term internship, it also provides a program to help you to achieve required TOEFL scores.


Required for all GTS students

Name of Subject Course Description
Academic Reading A/B (Year 1) These courses develop your reading skills and strategies so that you can comprehend and use a wide variety of textual materials including textbooks, academic articles, Internet information, and works of fiction.
Critical Inquiry & Writing A/B (Year 1) These courses focus on developing your ability as a writer to participate in discussions on a given topic in public and academic forums, such as news media, textbooks, and academic journals.
Rhetoric & Research A/B (Year 2) These courses build on the basics of academic essay organization and the integration of sources that you learn in the first year writing course. You further develop your writing skills and advance them into more complex structures for academic purposes.


Some courses are required for all GTS students

Name of Subject Course Description
Presentation & Seminar Skills (Year 1) In order to strengthen your active and independent learning experiences, you learn listening and note-taking skills as well as speech and presentation skills for academic discussions. They will prepare you to pass the TOEFL requirements for study abroad and overseas internship programs.
Presentation & Seminar Skills (Year 2) You continue to build on skills acquired in Presentation and Seminar Skills. You enhance your critical thinking; learn to evaluate ideas and arguments; and gain skills needed to make effective speeches and presentations. You use a university level textbook to practice reading and writing about global business issues.
Capstone Project (Year 3) This is a project-based cooperative learning course employing group projects to provide students with more agency in their learning, which leads to increased engagement, responsibility, and motivation. This multi-skills course helps to refine the English language skills learned in the first and second year AEP; to develop group communication and leadership skills; and to acquire proposal and report writing skills.
Tutorials 1/2/3/4 Tutorial are individualized teaching sessions that support your learning in the AEP writing classes.