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Coming To The Yokohama Campus

Set amidst the green hills of Totsuka, the Yokohama Campus of Meiji Gakuin University
offers you a quiet environment while you study at the Faculty of International Studies.

In addition to the library and student lounges, the campus has substantial facilities for sports activities, including a large gym, tennis courts, archery ranges and a playing field for sports such as soccer, football and lacrosse. In the evening, from the Enbobashi (“Bridge of Distant Views”) on campus you can gaze upon Mt. Fuji silhouetted against the sky.
Convenient bus, train and subway services provide easy access to Yokohama and Tokyo, two of Japan’s biggest cultural and economic enters. The coastal city of Kamakura, famous for its temples and other sites, is also 30 min. away by train.


1518 Kamikurata-cho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama 244-8539 Japan

You can get to our campus via Enoden Co. buses that depart from Stand 8 on the east side of the Totsuka JR station. The signs are in Japanese, but you want to get on the bus labeled “明治学院大学南門」行き.” (There are three passenger waiting rows at this stand. Riders for the buses to Meiji Gakuin stand in the row closest to the railing.) The ride takes about 10 min.
You can get off at either “明治学院大学正門” (“Meiji Gakuin University Main Gate”; this stop is near a 7-11 convenience store), or “明治学院大学南門” (“Meiji Gakuin University South Gate;” this stop is on a roundabout off the main road, and you pass by the gate itself before it stops).

For more information on how to access our Yokohama Campus from the greater Tokyo Metropolitan area, please follow this link.

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