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Graduation Project

Graduation Project

As the capstone of your four years of study, you are required to take the Graduation Seminar and complete a Graduation Project.
While you take the Seminar you will prepare a Project A (a 6000 word research paper) or a Project B (a 5000 word paper along with the creation of a media presentation [movie, website, software, etc.] that represents your search.

Poster Presentations

At the end of every semester, students who are completing Graduation Projects prepare posters to present their research to other students and faculty. Each student draws upon the academic English skills that they have developed since their first year to summarize and present their project’s theme, data, and results. As a presenter, you take questions from younger students, and you can look back upon your own experiences at Meiji Gakuin University while providing academic leadership to other students who will graduate in subsequent years.

Examples of 2020 Graduation Projects
Chosen for Their Excellence

“Survival of Onnagata in Contemporary Japanese Society”
“Problems Faced by Same-Sex Couples in Japan”
“Kawasaki City and Foreign Residents: The Role of the Kawasaki City Foreign Representatives’ Conference”
“Democratic Schools”
“Difficulties in the Spread of the Sharing Economy with a Focus on the Accommodation-sharing Business in Japan”
“How Education Affects Altruistic behavior: Are MGU Seniors More Altruistic than Freshers?”
“Food Wastage: Causes and Extent of the Problem in Japan”
“The Future of Japanese Tourism and Immersive Technology”
“Educational Reform in Japan: The Benefit of Language Education on Mental Well-being”
“Challenges and Solutions for University Sports in Japan”
“How Fashion Trends are Created: Japanese Fashion from the 1950s to Today”
“Immigrant Women and Better Lives After Immigrating to the United States”
“A Comparative Analysis of Consciousness of Foreign Countries with Examples of South Korea and the United States”

Graduation Project Details

If you do not go on a study abroad program in the 3rd year, you will start to prepare your Graduation Project from your 5th semester.
In your second semester, you will take the Research Project Seminar and prepare a “Project Proposal.” From the first term of your 4th year, you will enroll in a Project Seminar and then complete your project while taking the Graduation Project Seminar during your last semester.
The faculty places you in a Project Seminar in order to study with a professor whose expertise in politics, economics, culture or society is closest to your area of interest.

If you go abroad during your 3rd year, you will submit a proposal in February.
Instead of taking the Research Project Seminar and Research Project Seminar you will receive guidance from their Project Advisor. Upon your return to campus, you will then take the Graduation Project Seminar with that advisor to complete your project.