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Study Abroad, Overseas Internships

Meiji Gakuin University provides its students with a wide range of overseas study experiences. The university’s International Center and Faculty of International Studies both offer these programs.

Meiji Gakuin University Study Abroad Programs

These are programs managed by the International Center.

Faculty of International Studies Study Abroad Programs

Our unique overseas studies programs.

Overseas Internships

We offer these internships to our students.

  • Meigaku Overseas Programs
  • Faculty Overseas Programs
  • Overseas Internships

Meigaku Overseas Programs

Meiji Gakuin University Study Abroad Programs
The International Center’s “student exchange” agreements with overseas partner universities give you the opportunity to earn Meiji Gakuin credits while studying outside Japan. (Please see the “Faculty of International Studies Study Abroad Program” for the Faculty’s own offering.)

For More Information

The University of California

This is a long-term study abroad program for our students to study at one of the nine campuses of the University of California for a year. Credits they earn in this study abroad program are accepted as credits of our faculty under certain conditions.

The International Student Program (ISP)

These programs are with overseas universities other than the University of California. As with the UC program, Meiji Gakuin accepts credits earned abroad under certain conditions. Depending on the academic calendar of the partner university, you will depart for the foreign university in the spring or the fall semester.

Consortium Program

This consists of Christian universities participating in the ACUCA SMS program in Asia. The term of this program is one semester, starting in the spring or the fall semester.

Short-term Study Abroad Programs

These are three to five-week programs during the spring or summer breaks. In addition to courses in languages and culture, these programs include various field trips and other activities.

United Nations Youth Volunteer

The goal of this program is to foster individuals who will contribute to the development of an international community through social activities in developing countries. If selected, for five months you will participate in social activities for organizations such as the United Nations, government agencies, and NGO’s in developing countries.

Global Career Development Internship

After finishing the courses in English for Academic Purposes and Tourism/Hospitality at the University of California Riverside Extension, students will take part in paid internships in the American tourism/hospitality industry at tourist venues such as Walt Disney World Resort®. Students who participate in the internship receive ac certificate of completion. For more information on Meiji Gakuin University’s study abroad programs and opportunities for international exchanges, please visit the International Center site.

Department of International Business Study Abroad Program

Students in both of the FIS department can apply to the study abroad program administered by the Department of International Business, the Faculty of Economics. In the past, students participating in this program have gone to the following universities: North America U.S.A.: University of Washington, San Diego State University Europe Spain: Universitarios de Galicia Oceania Australia: University of Western Australia New Zealand: Victoria University of Wellington Asia Taiwan: Soochow University, Taipei Vietnam: National Economics University Program Overview Intensive program in language study, and studies focusing on economics and management. Duration Four to six months. Please visit the Faculty of Economics page for more information. Note that the universities available to Faculty of International Studies students will vary from year to year.

Faculty Overseas Programs

Faculty of International Studies Study Abroad Program
In addition to the International Center’s programs, our Faculty offers the following unique study abroad opportunities at foreign universities and internships to our students.

San Francisco State University (SFSU) Double Degree Program

This is a special study abroad program designed for strongly motivated students who seek an exceptional multilingual and multicultural educational experience. Through an agreement between the Faculty of International Studies of Meiji Gakuin University (MGU) and San Francisco State University (SFSU) in California, you are able to earn degrees from both MGU and SFSU. You should expect to spend approximately two years studying at SFSU. Under this arrangement, you complete the courses, final exams, senior theses and other work required by both programs, and transfer credits for designated courses between the schools. If you fulfill the graduation conditions for both universities, you can earn the two degrees in approximately 4.5 to 5 years. Students who participate in this program will pay tuition rates set by SFSU. (These rates can change from year to year.)

Field Studies

FIS faculty members who teach certain seminars lead these programs. In a Field Study, you join other seminar students to conduct off-campus research on themes and issues related to that faculty member’s academic specialization. Field Studies give you many opportunities to interact with local experts and students in other universities. Field Studies offered by the Dept. of International Studies Field Studies offered by the Dept. of Global and Transcultural Studies

Overseas Internships

Overseas Internships

Japanese Language Teaching Assistantships

You can gain experience as a teach assistant in Japanese language programs at Australian primary, middle and high schools. The duration is six months.

Business Internships

You can work for Japanese companies in Hong Kong to acquire business skills that foster competence on the global stage. While on the internship, you receive training and gain practical experiences that help you enhance your business English and business manners.