Welcome to the Faculty

Meiji Gakuin University’s pioneering Faculty of International Studies was established in 1986, and it celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2016. It consists of the Department of International Studies and the Department of Global and Transcultural Studies. Students in the Faculty study for all four years at the University’s Yokohama campus.

The forces of globalisation continue to strengthen the mutual integration of peoples and regions around the world. With an eye towards the society of tomorrow, the Faculty strives to educate capable people who can play active roles in a range of environments in and outside of Japan.

The Faculty’s Educational Vision
The Faculty places great emphasis on interdisciplinary education, but some may ask what means and why it is necessary.

In an average university department, students learn how to analyze and understand topics and issues from the standpoint of only one academic discipline. However, we live in a world where culture, economics and politics flow ever more strongly across regions and national borders. As a result, we increasingly face problems that do not neatly fit into just one area of knowledge. Concurrently, we now live in a society where people from a wide range of backgrounds live and work together.  Amidst these dramatic social changes, the necessity of communication skills and an understanding of other cultures grows larger by the day.

In the Faculty of International Studies, scholars with expertise in cultural studies, economics, legal studies and politics guide the educational program. Students are able  purse their own academic interests by choosing seminars and classes on a range of subjects. Furthermore, by taking advantage of the Faculty’s many opportunities for studying a variety of academic disciplines, students can gain a broader understanding of our globalising world. This is the goal of Faculty’s interdisciplinary education.