MGU Study Abroad Programs

Long- and short-term study abroad programs

Study abroad programs provide students with highly effective opportunities to prepare for active careers in the global community. Meiji Gakuin has student exchange agreements with 70 foreign universities in Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania (as of March, 2018). The duration of these programs range from one term to a full academic year; all GTS students may apply to them.

You can get information on these programs here.

The University of California
Meiji Gakuin’s largest exchange agreement is with the University of California.  Through this partnership, you have an opportunity to study at Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego and other prestigious UC schools. Each campus has its own unique strengths and programs; you should speak with the staff of the International Center, your academic advisor or the UC Program Coordinator at Meiji Gakuin to consider which UC campus might best for you. The IC office has detailed information on the campuses, the application process, and other materials.

The International Student Program (ISP)
This is the other major study abroad program at Meiji Gakuin. Through exchange agreements with numerous institutions, GTS students have the chance for long- and short-term studies around the world. The application requirements vary between partners. Visit the International Center’s office for more information on these opportunities, and discuss your options with your academic advisor.

Department of International Business Study Abroad Program

Students in both of the FIS department can apply to the study abroad program administered by the Department of International Studies.
In 2018 students went to the following universities:

North America
U.S.A.: University of Washington, San Diego State University

Spain: Universitarios de Galicia

Australia: University of Western Australia
New Zealand: Victoria University of Wellington

Taiwan: Soochow University, Taipei
Vietnam: National Economics University

Program Overview
Intensive program in language study, and studies focusing on economics and management.

Four to six months.