The GTS department encourages you to consider a long-term internship in Japan or overseas. These generally last between three and six months. A member of the faculty guides your preparations and works with you to create a report based on your internship experience.

Internship goals
The objective of the GTS internship program is to foster “global competency”: the knowledge and abilities you will need to engage people and global issues with a personal perspective that transcends culturally based boundaries and values. This concept also refers to the strengthening of problem solving, personal management and linguistic skills. You can develop your global competency through internships in NPOs, NGOs, global businesses, international organizations and educational institutions. We offer overseas programs, as well as domestic internships with foreign embassies, companies and local organizations. Even if you stay in Japan, you have many opportunities to enhance your multicultural skills, social knowledge, and problem solving techniques.

The merits of participating in an internship

  1. You can test your abilities in real world situations.
  2. You can identify skills that should be improved or developed before you start your career.You better understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. You mentally prepare yourself to become a full member of society.You learn business etiquette and modes of social interaction.
  4. You are able to think more concretely about your job search and future career choices.
  5. You can enhance your university learning experience by practically using knowledge that you gained in the classroom.
  6. You learn effective methods for resolving problems.
  7. You develop leadership and teamwork skills in real-world conditions.
  8. You gain an understanding of society that is not available through part-time jobs and on-campus student activities.