English of International Studies Program

English Language Training in the Faculty of International Studies
Ever since its creation in 1986, the Faculty of International Studies has offered a special program in English education that has prepared students for international studies. The program has emphasized the “listening,” “speaking,” “reading,” and “writing” academic skills students need for classes, field studies, internships and study abroad programs. The Faculty teaches these courses in English with small sized classes. These skills become a foundation for graduating student who will work in international society and in regions around the world.

The Department of International Study’s Specialized Foreign Language Program: English for International Studies (EIS)
The Department has created a substantial “Specialized Foreign (English) Language” program that trains students to take international studies lecture courses in English. In addition to “listening,” “speaking,” “reading,” and “writing” skills, students learn to think, discuss and debate in English.  They must take eight EIS courses during the six semesters of their first three years. The Department focuses on an interdisciplinary education. Therefore, it seeks to develop in students personal expression skills and the ability to share information by instructing them in an open-minded and linguistically, culturally and intellectually diverse environment.