Graduation Project

As the capstone of your four years of study in GTS, you are required to take the Graduation Seminar and complete a Graduation Project. While you take the Seminar you will prepare a Project A (a 6000 word research paper) or a Project B (a 4000 word paper along with the creation of a media presentation [movie, website, software, etc.] that represents your search.

Poster Presentations
At the end of every semester, students who are completing Graduation Projects prepare posters to present their research to other students and faculty. Each student draws upon the academic English skills that they have developed since their first year to summarize and present their project’s theme, data, and results. As they take questions from younger students, they can look back upon their own experiences at Meigaku while providing academic leadership to other students who will graduate in subsequent years.

Examples of Graduation Projects completed in the 2017 academic year
“Does Immigration Restriction Really Help a Nation’s Economy?”
“Cultural Factors that Affect the Spread of Sharing Economy in Japan: Case Studies of Uber and Airbnb”
“A Study of the Economic Impact of Free Trade Agreements on Japan Based Data Analysis”
“An Analysis of Environmental Skepticism and Climate Change in the US”
“Decreasing Voter Turnout in Japan”
“Why Is Poverty Persistent in Africa?”
“Customer Satisfaction in the Food Service Industry”
“Data Analysis of the Long-Standing Gender Wage Gap in Japan”

“How the Japanese-Style Educational Model Applies to Other Countries”
“Agroecology and Gender Inequality in the Agricultural Sector”
“Biracial Japanese Through the Eyes of the Japanese Media”
“Are Single Parents the Reason for the Lowering of Children’s Educational Attainments?”
“Nikkei Americans’ Ethnic Identity”
“Growing Educational Inquality in Japan”
“Why Does Japan Accept Few Refugees?”
“The Possibility of Inhibiting The Cascade Phenomena and Social Conformity in Japan”


Graduation Project Details
Students who do not go on a study abroad program in the 3rd year will start to prepare their Graduation Projects from their first semester. In their second semester, they take the Research Project Seminar and prepare a “Project Proposal.” From the first term of their 4th year, they enroll in a Project Seminar, and then they complete their projects while taking the Graduation Project Seminar during their last semester. The GTS faculty places the students in a Project Seminar in order to study with a professor whose expertise in politics, economics, culture or society is closest to the student’s area of interest.

Students who go abroad during their 3rd year present the outline of a project proposal before they leave. Instead of taking the Research Project Seminar and Research Project Seminar they receive guidance from their Project Advisor. Upon their return to Meigaku, they will then take the Graduation Project Seminar with that advisor to complete their projects.