GTS Curriculum

The GTS curriculum examines issues in globalization from the perspectives of cultural studies/sociology and politics/economics, and fosters in students the ability to form a comprehensive understanding of these challenges. Small-sized classes in which students can receive detailed instruction from their professors characterize this department’s education. In these classes, students form strong and supportive friendships that continue after graduation.

In principle students take classes in English, and our Academic English Program strengthens their English academic skills from the first year, but students can also enhance their communication skills by taking Japanese language courses. Students who already have a degree of Japanese proficiency can learn  French, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese or Korean through Meiji Gakuin’s General Education Program.

From their first year, students gain fundamental knowledge in global studies by taking the “Introductory Seminar” and choosing Lower Division classes that introduce them to the study of cultural, society, politics and economics. From the second semester of year two, they gain a deeper understanding in a particular field of interest by taking Upper Division electives. While most of their credits must be in English-based classes, students are also able to choose courses from the Faculty’s extensive range of lectures in Japanese. Furthermore, from year two, they begin to consider the post-graduation life career by taking our “Life and Career Development”c lass, and they are able to apply for long-and short-term study abroad programs, internships, and Field Study classes.

In the third year, students take the “Research Project Seminar” to start preparing their Graduation Projects; they complete these projects while enrolled in the “Graduation Project Seminar.” This curriculum prepares students to purse careers and life activates in a range of environments in and outside of Japan that best suit their interests and abilities.

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*As of September 2020