Graduate School of International Studies

We are living in a world where far-separated countries and regions are increasingly inter-connected through movement of people, goods, money and information. While the modern globalizing world is undoubtedly an exciting new opportunity for humanity, it also presents us with a variety of new and challenging issues that transcend traditional academic disciplines. The Graduate School of International Studies (GSIS), Meiji Gakuin University, was established in 1990 with the mission of nurturing scholars and practitioners who grapple with transnational and transcultural issues in academia, public institutions, and private and grassroots organizations.

Uniquely among the Meigaku graduate schools, the GSIS is based on the University’s Yokohama Campus. The location of the campus is fitting for the GSIS’s mission, because Yokohama is home to the port that served as the window for Japan’s renewed engagement with the international community in the mid-19thcentury. Yokohama was also where Dr. James C. Hepburn, the founder of Meiji Gakuin, first established an English academy in 1863. The GSIS works closely with the Faculty of International Studies (FIS), also based on the Yokohama campus, that provides comprehensive undergraduate education in international and transcultural affairs.