Graduate Admissions

Admission Procedures
To help prospective students with diverse backgrounds, the GSIS offers several entrance examinations for its M.A. program. The standard admission assessment consists of written examinations, a research proposal, and an interview. Mature and overseas students are eligible for specialized assessments that dispense with a part or all of the written examinations and instead focuses on the research proposal and the interview. Detailed information on admission procedures are available here (in Japanese).

Scholarships, Grants, and Facilities
Students pursuing degrees at the GSIS can apply for a variety of university grants and scholarships (in Japanese). The GSIS also provides students with special grants to defray expenses for their research trips. All graduate students are provided with research space in the FIS/GSIS Faculty Building, which enables close contact with professors and other graduate students.

Teaching Opportunities
GSIS students are eligible for the School’s Teaching Assistantship (TA) program. The TA program is designed to help students acquire teaching skills in higher education settings and interact with FIS undergraduate students with whom they form the Meigaku Yokohama community. TA services are remunerated in accordance with university guidelines.