ABE Kohki

Abe Kohki  阿部 浩己
Ph.D. in Law (Waseda University, 2011)
LL.M. (University of Virginia, 1986)
M.A. in Law (Waseda University, 1983)
B.A. in Law (Waseda University, 1981)
International Law, International Human Rights/Refugee Law
Research on Peace/Dispute Resolution
Research on the North East Asia Region
Special Lecture on International Studies (Viewing the World through International Human Rights Law)
Seminar 1, 2A/B, 3A/B (“Creating Peace through Human Rights and International Law”)
Basic Seminar A (“Nurturing a Critical View of the World”)
Research topics
Colonialism in International Law, International Protection of Human Rights, Protection of Refugees
Recent Activities and Publications
International Law’s Stories: A Kaleidoscope of State Functions, Vol.Ⅱ (in Japanese, Choyokai Co., Ltd., 2019)
International Law’s Stories: An Intellectual Journey to Feel the World,Vol. I (in Japanese, Choyokai Co., Ltd., 2018)
Revisiting Japan’s Security from Okinawa (in Japanese, co-ed., 2015)
Human Rights-ization of International Law (in Japanese, 2014)
Living with International Human Rights (in Japanese, 2014)
“International Law as Memorial Sites: The ‘Comfort Women’ Lawsuits Revisited”, Korean Journal of International and Comparative Law (2013)
“Implementing Universal Human Rights Standards in Japan: An Interface of National and International Law”, in Rainer Arnold (ed.), The Universalism of Human Rights (Springer, 2012)
De-civilizing International Law: A Post-Structural Analysis (in Japanese, 2010)
Protesting Power and Creating Peace (in Japanese, 2008)Refugee Adjudication Counselor for the Minister of Justice since 2012