Department of International Studies


Department of Global and Transcultural Studies

  • Gendered Physical Socialization of Adolescent Girls
    Gender and bodies of Japanese women professional wrestlers.
    Women’s empowerment through their bodies.
    合場 敬子:AIBA Keiko
  • Human Capital and Labor Market Outcomes
    Effects of Noncognitive Skills
    李 嬋娟:Sun Youn LEE
  • Social history of early modern Buddhist clergy
    Cultural history of Japanese religions
    VESEY, Alexander
  • Small and Medium Enterprise clusters
    Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    KHARE, Prajakta
  • Homelessness in Japan, Britain and America
    Irregular labor, especially day laborers
    2019 Chair of the Global and Transcultural Studies Department
  • Academic English Program Coordinator
    TAMBEAU, Murray
  • International law, law of the sea, international disputes resolution
    吉井 淳:YOSHII Atsushi
  • Premodern and early modern Japanese literature
    Its reception and translation in foreign countries
    WATSON, Michael