HANZAWA, Asahiko

International History, Globalization, the United Nations
International Relations (in Japanese)
International Organizations (in Japanese)
Seminar(International Relations and Music)
【 Research Topics】
International History
【Recent activities and publications】

"The Origins of the Anglo-American 'informal' empire in the Middle East, 1945-1947'Kokusai-Seiji (Journal of International Politics, Japan Association of International Relations)(in Japanese)Vol.141, 2005.

'The Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq: the Suez Analogy' Soubun (in Japanese) Vol.464 (May 2004)

''The Suez Crisis of 1956 and the UN's 'invisible' roles' Hokkaido University Law Faculty Journal (in Japanese)Vol.54-2 (May 2003)

"The United Nations and the Disappearance of the British Empire, 1960-1963" Kokusai Seiji (Journal of International Relations) Vol.126 (Feb. 2001)

"The End of the British Empire: the UN Anti-colonial Resolution of 1960" Oxford International Review Vol.10-2 (winter 2000)

"The United Nations and the End of the British Empire: The Impact of the Sharpville Incident in the Union of South Africa in March 1960" Gendaishi Kenkyu (Journal of Contemporary History) Vol.45 (1999)

22 entries for the Sekaishi Jiten (Dictionary of World History), Kadokawa Shoten

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