【Educational background and degrees】
Ph.D. Education, University of California, Berkeley
Applied and educational linguistics including teacher education, sociolinguistics, second language education, and academic English
Critical Reading and Writing
Applied Linguistics
Seminar: Language and Society (Second Language and Bilingual Education, Language and Gender, Language Policy)
【Research Topics】
I am interested in research that advances higher-education and language program administration. I am also interested in investigating variables that affect student motivation (and de-motivation) and ultimately influence the students’ academic success.
【Recent activities and publications】
Communicative competence in the 21st century: Issues in Japan’s university English language education
Four learners, four paths: An ethnographic study of English learners in Japan
Long and winding road: A study of highly motivated learners of English in Japan
The education of linguistic minority students in the United States: A study of Asian immigrants
The learning outcomes of an academic writing course: A study of Japanese university students
Challenges of implementing a university English for academic purposes program in Japan
The philosophical, political, and the practical dimensions of English for academic purposes education: A focus on critical thinking
【Personal Statement】
I have a message to the students: You are at the crossroads. Think about your future—all the possibilities you have ahead of you. Remember your old dreams—create new ones—and let your dreams guide you as you move forward.