OKAWA, Reiko

【Educational background and degrees】
Ph. D. University of Tokyo, Islamic Studies (2003).
M. A. School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London, Islamic Studies (2000).
M. A. University of Tokyo, Islamic Studies (1996).
B. A. University of Tokyo, Islamic Studies (1994).
Islamic Studies
Seminar (Theme: Islamic Thought and Culture)
Islamic Culture
Area Studies: West Asia
Contemporary History
【Research Topics】
  1. History of the Interpretation of the Qur’an (Tafsir)
  2. Modern Interpreters of the Qur’an
  3. Cham Muslims in Cambodia
【Recent activities and publications】
The Kingdom of Champa and Islam: The Identity of the Diaspora People in Cambodia, Tokyo: Heibonsha, 2017 [in Japanese].
Islamized World: Religion in a time of Globalization, Tokyo: Heibonsha, 2013 [in Japanese].
Destiny and Revelation in Islam: “Heavenly Tablet” as seen in the history of Qur’ānic Interpretation, Tokyo: Koyoshobo, 2009 [in Japanese].
An Illustrated Guide to the World of the Qur’ān: All about the History and Beauty of the Manuscripts, Tokyo: Kawadeshoboshinsha, 2005 [in Japanese].
The Thought of the Qur’ān: An Islamic World View, Tokyo: Kodansha, 2004 [in Japanese].
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