【Educational background and degrees】
2008 Ph.D. Law and Politics, University of Tokyo
1993 M.A. Law and Politics, University of Tokyo
1991 B.A. Law, University of Tokyo
Comparative Politics and Political History in East-Central Europe
Comparative Politics
Seminar Theme (Politics and Society in Europe)
【Research Topics】
  1. Party politics
  2. Civil Society
  3. Social Investment
【Recent activities and publications】
“New Parties’ Effects on the Instability of Coalition Governments in East-Central Europe”(Co-author Takashi Narihiro), International & Regional Studies (Society of International Studies, Meijigakuin University), No.47, Mar. 2015, pp.1-33.
“Institutionalization of the modes of party competition: Emerging bipolar competition in the CEE party systems?” Paper presented at 5th ECPR General Conference, Potsdam University, 10-12 September 2009.  (The European Consortium for Political Research)
“Promises and Limits of EU Democratic Assistance in East Central Europe: Civil Society Organizations as the Nexus between Citizens and Politics”, St. Paul’s Review of Law and Politics, Vol.72, 2006. pp.148-136(p.(1)-(13)).
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