KUMAKURA, Masanaga

【Educational background and degrees】
1990 B.A. (Linguistics), University of Tokyo
1993 Postgraduate Diploma (Development Studies), Institute of Developing Economies Advanced School
1994 M.Sc. Distinction (Economics with Reference to the Asian-Pacific Region), School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
1997 M.Phil. (Economics), University of Cambridge
2003 Ph.D. (Economics), University of Cambridge
International economics
Japanese economy
Comparative economic and political systems
International Economic
Principles of Economics
Contemporary Global Issues
Seminar Theme (Comparative industrial relations and socio-economic systems)
【Research Topics】
  1. Exchange rates and monetary policy
  2. Economic statistics
  3. Social foundations of Japan’s economic policies
【Recent activities and publications】
“Exchange rate regimes in Asia: Dispelling the myth of soft dollar pegs,” Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy 10(1): 69-95, 2005
“Trade and business-cycle co-movements in Asia-Pacific,” Journal of Asian Economics 17(4): 622-645, 2006
“Whither IIT?” Journal of International and Global Economic Studies 1( 2): 26-56, 2008
“Trade, production and international business cycle co-movement,” International Journal of Applied Economics 6(1): 11-40, 2009
“Reforming Japan’s foreign exchange policy,” World Economics 14(1): 83-92, 2012
“Deflation? What deflation? Statistical origins of Japan’s declining price levels,” World Economics 16(2): 76-99, 2015
“Japan’s monetary policy misadventure,” World Economics 17(2): 159-190, 2016
【Personal Statement】
I conducted my graduate studies in England and have been teaching economics and related subjects since 2002. While my main area of research is international economics, I am also interested in the Japanese economy and, in particular, why sub-optimal policies abound in this country.
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