New Year’s message from the Dean

The faculty, staff and students of the Faculty of International Studies wishes you a Happy New Year in 2012.

In 2011, the Faculty took its first steps towards implementing several major reforms that have been several years in the making: an overall review of the Department of International Studies’ curriculum, and the inauguration of the Department of Global and Transcultural Studies.

The driving force behind these changes is our desire to foster individuals who will be able to take an active role in our dramatically changing world. We are at a turning point in global affairs. As a result, Japan is entering a period when it cannot merely rely upon “patterns of success” that worked for previous generations. It is a new age in which we should seek innovative visions and methods.

The Faculty of International Studies is revitalizing its programs to provide students with essential skills that they will need if they are to become dynamic participants on the global stage. Most importantly, we will give them the ability to carefully observe and analyze the daily changes brought on by globalization. We are also working to enhance their communicative skills in foreign languages, with an emphasis on English. Furthermore, as much as possible, we want each student to gain international experience by using these acquired skills in a global environment.

We have faced a number of difficulties following the implementation of these new programs in April 2011, but we have vigorously responded to each of them in our effort to improve the education we offer to our students. All of the International Studies faculty members have confidence in our programs and great expectations in the near future for our graduates and present students who have acquired the skills we value.

We sincerely wish you much success in the coming year.

Nozomu, ABE
The Faculty of International Studies