The Tuition Remission System

The Tuition Remission System for Privately Funded Non-Japanese Foreign Students

In order to support the international student community at Meiji Gakuin University (MGU), the university has implemented a tuition remission system to ease the financial burden of full-time foreign students who privately fund their education. This is a university-wide program open to all full-time, actively enrolled students at MGU who meet the qualifications below. Based upon “Provisions for the Tuition Remission System for Privately Funded Full-time Foreign Students at Meiji Gakuin University,” the International Exchange Committee will judge the applications, and make the final awards.

Eligibility Requirements and Conditions:

Applicants must meet these requirements:

  1. They presently reside in Japan with “Foreign Student” (ryūgaku) visa status.
  2. They are not on a “temporary absence”(kyūgaku) from MGU.
  3. They do not receive Japanese government funding (kokuhi ryūgaku).
  4. They do not receive scholarship from the students’ home government or from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).
  5. Undergraduate students (excluding Transfers) must fulfill a required minimum number of total credits by the end of the each semester. There are also provisions for students in their first semester at MGU to apply for the remission.The following table shows the cumulative number of credits required:
    By the end of semester 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    Required credits 15 30 45 60 75 90 105
  6. Undergraduate students transferring from other institutions must fulfill a required minimum number of credits listed below. However, students can receive the tuition remission as long as other conditions are met prior to the end of their 1st semester.   Number of requires credits:
    By the end of semester 1 2 3
    Required credits 15 or 75 30 or 90 45 or 105
  7. Graduate students must complete the normal number of units per term as set by their program.
  8. The program is intended to help students who have economic difficulties.
  9. Students who show no record of class registration for two consecutive semesters may NOT apply.  However, fourth year students who have already fulfilled their graduation requirements are exempt from this eligibility clause. Students participating in the University’ s one year exchange program can NOT apply during their studying abroad period.
  10. Undergraduate students may receive the tuition remission up to the maximum of eight semesters (Transfer students may receive the tuition remission up to the maximum of four semesters). The limit for Graduate students in the Masters program is up to four terms, and Ph.D. students the limit is six.
  11. Foreign exchange students who have enrolled at MGU through a study-abroad program with a partner institution are not eligible for the tuition remission system.

When to Apply:

The application periods are at the start of each term, and the award announcements are in May and October.

Selection Method:

The selection process for remission recipients will begin after the applicants have paid their tuition to MGU and started the term. Students file their applications at the  International Center of Yokohama or Shirokane Campus . For information on the required documents, please contact the staff at International Center.

The Level of Funding:

Recipients will receive a 30% tuition remission for the term in which they are selected. For the tuition, please refer here.