International Scholarships for Academic Excellence

International Scholarships Guidelines and Application Form

The Department of Global and Transcultural Studies at Meiji Gakuin University offers a limited number of competitive scholarships to support exceptionally promising foreign students who are studying in Japan at their own expense.

Who is eligible:

The GTS Department will award up to six scholarships per year to foreign students who rely upon private resources to fund their studies at MGU. Students accepted to the department will be selected on the basis of their academic promise and academic record to date. The faculty will continue to evaluate the students’ performance on a term-by-term basis. Provided they maintain a high level of academic achievement, foreign students may receive the scholarship for the standard duration that it takes to graduate.

Candidates must have excellent academic records and meet the following criteria:

  1. They must confirm their enrollment in the GTS department, and complete the payment of MGU’s required tuition and fees for the first semester of study.
  2. They must be eligible for “foreign student” residency status.
  3. They must meet MGU’s requirements for the Tuition Remission System for Privately Funded Full-time Foreign Students.*

* “Privately Funded Full-time Foreign Student Tuition Remission” system: This scholarship helps Full-time foreign students pay for their studies at Meiji Gakuin. The university’s International Exchange Committee selects the recipients on a term-by-term basis; the remission reduces the recipient’s tuition by 30% per term.

When to Apply:

Beginning of each semester, the Office of the Faculty of International Studies will send out Application deadlines and detailed information to eligible students via email and on MGU Students’ Portal Site, “Port Hepburn”. Students must submit their applications during that time.

Selection Method:

The selection process for new scholarship recipients will begin after the applicants complete the enrollment process for their first semester in the GTS Department, and they have made the required payments to MGU. The Faculty of International Studies will select recipients for the scholarship based upon their examination results and their application materials.

The Level of Funding:

Recipients of the International Scholarship for Academic Excellence receive a 70% tuition remission per term. They also receive a refund for the facilities fee, the equipment fee and the educational maintenance fee they pay every semester. The total for the ISAE comes to per term. (The scholarship does not cover the one-time enrollment fee of, room and board costs, personal expenses, or other smaller fees charged by MGU.)

In addition, ISAE recipients are eligible to apply for the university’s “Tuition Remission for Privately Funded Full-time Foreign Students” (Shihi gaikokujin ryugakusei jugyoryo genmen). This scholarship provides a 30% tuition remission for all applicants who meet the requirements.

Please see the following website for information on MGU’s fee structure:

Payment Periods:

The successful applicants will be reimbursed for the amount equal to the tuition and fees they paid prior to enrolling for their first term (excluding the enrollment fee and any other smaller fees). Thereafter the GTS Department faculty will review the awards every semester to confirm each recipient’s compliance with the scholarship’s requirements. For the subsequent terms, the recipient is required to pay the stipulated tuition and fees, and then receive their scholarship as a reimbursement. MGU will provide the scholarship payments in later in the semester (May-June and October-November) to cover the tuition and fees charged for the spring and fall semesters respectively.

  1. Aside from the “Privately Funded Full-time Foreign Student Tuition Remission,” recipients of this scholarship may not receive other scholarship funding from MGU sources.
  2. Recipients may be required to return their scholarship award for a given term under the following circumstances:
    1. Taking a leave of absence after receiving a scholarship for a term;
    2. Participating in a study abroad program with a non-MGU affiliated institution;
    3. Withdrawal from MGU;
    4. Expulsion or punishment for an infraction against MGU’s academic regulations.

Application Form
Please print the application form on A4 size paper.

Application Form