UC students’ English Tutor Program

In the fall semester, twelve UC students gained valuable teaching experience through the department’s Internship course (KC4007; 4 units). Many students served as classroom assistants in on-campus English language classes, while others were assistants for lecture courses. In addition, they completed a course that examined curriculum and instruction for students from mutli-cultural and multi-lingual backgrounds.

Some of the UC students concurrently led the Meiji Gakuin & University of California English Tutor Program. Whereas the classroom assistants joined formal courses led by the faculty, in this tutorial program the students developed and implemented their own timetable for daily mentoring sessions that operated on a first-come, first-served basis. Their activities primarily focused on helping full-time MGU students to develop their English speaking and writing skills, but in some instances, the interns also helped MGU students to study other languages such as Spanish. In addition to receiving compensation for their work, the participants gained satisfaction from enhancing the learning experiences of MGU students.