Visiting the Campus

I. University Open Campus

Are you considering a visit to Meiji Gakuin University and the Department of Global and Transcultural Studies? The university and the GTS Department sponsor a series of “Open Campus” days during the academic year. These events offer you an opportunity to meet faculty members and students. Depending on the location of the event, you can also tour one of Meiji Gakuin’s two campuses. The GTS Department strongly encourages foreign applicants who are travelling to Japan to visit Meiji Gakuin on these days. You do not need to register or call in advance to attend an Open Campus event.

The Open Campus Schedule for 2017:

  • August 5  (Sat.) &  6 (Sun.) at Yokohama Campus
  • August 26(Sat.) &27(Sun.) at Shirokane Campus
  • March 4 (Sun.), 2018 at Shirokane Campus

*During the Events, the Faculty of International Studies will have an exhibition room to introduce our research topics, activities, program details, and so on.

To see the access map, please click here.

Information in Japanese on the Open Campus schedule is here.
If your schedule does not allow you to attend one of the designated university-wide Open Campus dates, please contact the Faculty of International Studies office to join a “GTS Campus Visit” described below. Since these events require pre-planning, we request that you contact us as early as possible. (At least a month before if possible.)

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II. GTS Campus Visits

Aside from the Open Campus events, the Department of Global and Transcultural Studies will hold several “GTS Campus Visit” days at the Yokohama Campus. These are supplemental events to the main Open Campus schedule and the GTS community introduces only the department to prospective applicants. The faculty will conduct an explanation session for participants, and enrolled students will lead them on a campus tour. The whole program will be entirely in English.

*Our office will contact you with further information as the date approaches.
*Other Campus Visits will be on weekdays.
*If you are visiting from overseas, and the Campus Visit schedule does not fit your itinerary, please contact the Faculty of International Studies office.

2017 Campus Visit

Date: TBD
Place: Meiji Gakuin University, Yokohama Campus

Registering to Attend:

If you are interested in attending a GTS Campus Visit, please email the following information to the Faculty of International Studies office (email:

*Important Note: The department requires a minimum number of participants to conduct a Campus Visit program. If it does not receive a sufficient number of requests one month prior to a scheduled event, it reserves the right to postpone the meeting until the next scheduled GTS Campus Visit day. Once the minimum is met, the department will contact separately those who made a request to reconfirm the date. Since the department may change dates or postpone events, please check this site for the latest information prior to contacting us.

Required Information:
(In the subject line of your email, please write “GTS Campus Visit Request.”)

  1. Full names for all of those who want to attend.
  2. For prospective applicants, the name of their high school. (Optional)
  3. Contact information (preferred email address, etc.)
  4. Your first and second choices for dates to attend from the list above.
  5. If you are visiting us from outside Japan, please inform us.

Be aware that regardless of whether you reside in or outside of Japan, it is very difficult for the department to receive visitors who do not contact the office prior to their arrival at Meiji Gakuin. In addition, a visit to the campus has no effect whatsoever on the evaluation of applicants.

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III. Special Campus Visit for Successful Applicants

The GTS will hold a special Campus Visit day for students who have passed the entrance exams. This event will provide successful applicants and their guests with an opportunity to meet the faculty and fellow students in a relaxed and convivial setting.

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