Highly commended graduation projects

Highly commended graduation projects in March 2017

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  • MARUYAMA Mikihito[Prof. ABE Nozomu] “Fiscal Risks of Japanese Economy: Underlying Problems of the Large Government Debts”
  • AKIYA Minori [Prof. AIBA Keiko] “Current Problems and Contribution of Foreign Trainees to Future Japanese Society”
  • TAKAHASHI Nodoka [Prof. Tom GILL] “Otaku as a Social Phenomenon: The Rise of Female Otaku
  • URAI Ryosuke [Prof. LEE Sun Youn] “Overturning a Sports Stereotype: Introverts Can be Hidden Indicators of Success for Sports Teams”
  • KOBAYASHI Kiko [Prof. VESEY Alexander] “How Does the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bring Healing?”
  • NATORI Shoko [Prof. VESEY Alexander] “Returnees in Japan: Difficulties They Face in the Japanese Education System”
  • ITO Saki [Prof. WATSON Michael] “The Truth Behind the Tales: A study of Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm and Others”

 *Highly commended graduation projects in March 2016

 *Highly commended graduation projects in March 2015