The Graduation Project

This is the capstone of your GTS career. In your last year at the university, you conduct an independent study project under the guidance of a full-time faculty member. You may choose from two options:

  • Project A: An extensive research paper on a topic of your choice.
  • Project B: A shorter research paper than required for Project A, and the preparation of a project presentation with non-traditional media (a website; software; movie or DVD; etc.).

You are expected to turn in a statement of your project plans by the end of the second term of your third year.Then, at the start of your fourth year, you will attend a workshop led by one of the faculty members. We will try to place you will the instructor who most closely matches your area of study. During this semester, will give a presentation on your project to other students and faculty members.

The GTS faculty will provide you with detailed information through an orientation in the second term of your third year, but you are strongly encouraged to discuss possible topics with your academic advisor and other professors before then.

If you go abroad to study or are in an overseas internship during the first term of your fourth year, you do not have to take the workshops. However, you must enroll in a Graduation Seminar to complete the project. Speak with your academic advisor or other faculty if you have questions.

In 2017, Profs. Abe, Aiba, Lee, Vesey, Watson, and Yoshii will conduct workshops and the Graduation Seminars.