Students and Careers

Students as Leaders of the Future

The GTS department’s most important mission is to help students cultivate the following skills and values to meet the challenges posed by globalization:

  1. The ability to correctly understand the effects of globalization and worldwide cultural/social/economic diversification.
  2. A well-developed sense of social responsibility, and the ability to make substantive contributions towards the improvement regional and global problems.
  3. The ability to effectively participate in multi-national working environments.

The GTS department welcomes strongly motivated students to its multi-disciplinary approach to global studies. Furthermore, GTS faculty members support the altruistic ideal of the university’s motto “Do For Others,” and they believe students should enhance their multi-cultural literacy while in college. The GTS department is committed to providing an appropriate and effective educational environment for students with these qualities and interests.


Potential Careers

GTS faculty members prepare students to purse a wide range of careers. Some graduates may seek employment in multinational manufacturing, finance, technology and trading companies. Other students will enter the fields of journalism and media production, or go to work for international NPOs and NGOs. Those driven by a strong sense of entrepreneurial initiative may build upon their GTS training to create new companies and social organizations. The department also encourages students to seek post-graduate training at major universities in order to pursue careers in higher education, or to assume important positions in international organizations and NGOs.