The Courses: Windows on the Global Community and World Conditions

The increasing pace of globalization and multicultural diversification now presents students with complex new challenges as well as unique opportunities. The GTS program believes students who seek active careers in international affairs must have an integrated general knowledge of these shifting conditions. They will also need to understand the impact of cultural differences in global issues.

The department’s curriculum will offer its students a trancultural and multi-disciplinary approach to international studies. “Global Studies” courses offer thematic treatments of worldwide issues, and introductions to the major academic disciplines. The “Transcultural Studies” cluster examines the regional impact of global integration. Courses in this rubric also focus on the politics, economics, and culture of specific areas. There is a heavy emphasis on Asian and Japanese topics that are appealing foreign students from Asia, Europe and the Americas.

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The GTS Experience: Intellectual Engagement in Small yet Culturally Diverse Classes

The GTS Department believes a multi-cultural learning environment is vital to it global studies program. It accepts motivated applicants from Japanese high schools and other educational systems from around the world. The program then integrates these culturally and linguistically diverse students by placing them into interactive classroom environments. Exchange programs also play a major role the GTS educational process. At present MGU’s Faculty of International Studies host twenty-five students from the University of California. They will study in the GTS program, and the Department plans to enroll up to forty exchange students per term.

Lively and extensive student-faculty interaction is another focal point of the GTS experience. Unlike the large lecture format used by many Japanese universities, the GTS Department strongly emphasizes the small classroom environment. Every individual will thus have daily opportunities to engage the faculty and other students in classroom discussions.

English will be main language of instruction and the Department will offer its Academic English Program to further enhance every student’s intellectual growth. Supplemental course instruction will be in Japanese. As a result, all GTS classes will offer students a bilingual learning environment.

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All English Program with Extensive Academic Skills Support

English is the language of instruction for all classes. Furthermore, the GTS program believes academic literacy and communicative competence are mutually reinforcing elements in the GTS vision of a liberal arts education. Therefore, the department offers its Academic English Program (AEP) to further enhance each student’s intellectual growth. Since many students will attend study abroad programs or overseas internships, it provides instructional support to help students to achieve required TOEFL scores.

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Many Study Abroad and Internship Programs

Double-Degree Program with San Francisco State University (SFSU)
This is a unique study abroad program designed for strongly motivated students who seek an exceptional multilingual and multicultural educational experience. Students who complete the program receive undergraduate degrees from Meiji Gakuin and SFSU.

Long and Short Term Study Abroad Programs
Study abroad and internships provide students with highly effective opportunities to prepare for active careers in the global community. MGU has exchange agreements with a number of foreign universities in Asia, Europe and North America, including schools such as the University of California (USA), Oxford Brookes University (UK), Yonsei University (South Korea), and Thammasat University (Thailand.)

The department also strongly encourages its students to consider long-term internships in Japan or overseas. Popular options include our year-long University of California, Riverside & Disney World Program, teaching assistantships in Australia, and NPOs in Japan.

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Academic Advisor System Throughout All Four Years of Study

Each student works with an Academic Advisor to create a systematic and effective course plan. Students are thus able to seek individualized guidance from a trusted faculty member at any time during their GTS career.

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Education for the Future: An Emphasis on Life and Career Planning

Students become more academically motivated when they define their career goals and understand their educational needs. GTS offers specialized classes that help second-year students to identify potential career paths and other possible areas of activity following graduation.

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