Tom Gill
Tom GILL (Thomas P. Gill)
1983 Ba (English Literature), Cambridge University
1992 MSc (Social Anthropology), London School of Economics
1996 PhD (Social Anthropology), London School of Economics
Personal Statement
Born in Oxford UK in 1960. Read English at Kings College, Cambridge, then went to Japan in 1983. Worked as an English teacher and journalist, then returned to UK for postgraduate studies in Social Anthropology at London School of Economics (LSE). Got my doctorate in 1996, and have worked in Japanese academia ever since: at Kyoto Bunkyo University, then at University of Tokyo (Institute of Social Studies), before arriving at Meiji Gakuin in 2003. I have always been interested in the lives of men at the bottom of Japanese society, and I still live in Yokohama close to Kotobukicho, the “doya-gai” or skid row district, where I did my doctoral research on the lives of day laborers there.
Social anthropology
Freshmen Introductory Seminar
Culture and Society
Minority issues
Graduation Seminar
Research topics
Homelessness in Japan, Britain and America.
Irregular labor, especially day laborers.
Men’s studies.
Ethnic and cultural minorities in Japan and the world.
Japanese popular culture, especially manga
(war comics, the work of Shigeru Mizuki, Yoshiharu Tsuge, Suehiro Maruo, etc.
Recent Activities and Publications
“Failed Manhood on the Streets of Urban Japan: The Meanings of Self-Reliance for Homeless Men.” Forthcoming in Recreating Japanese Men. Ed. Sabine Frühstück and Anne Walthall, University of California Press.
I am on leave until April 2011, working at the Nissan Institute of Japanese Studies in Oxford on a book about homeless people in Japan, America and Britain.
Link to Other Webpage
This is my home page, where you can find a complete list of my publications and downloadable PDF versions of many of them.

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