AIBA Keiko

Aiba Keiko
AIBA Keiko 合場 敬子
1997 Ph.D., Washington State University
1991 M.A. Washington State University
1985 B.A. Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Gender Studies
Gender and Body
Introduction to Sociology A, Introduction to Sociology B
Gender and Society
Introductory Seminar
Graduation Seminar
Graduation Project
Research topics
Gendered Physical Socialization of Adolescent Girls
Gender and Bodies of Japanese Women Professional Wrestlers
Women’s Empowerment through Their Bodies
Recent Activities and Publications
2018 Transformed bodies and gender norms: Gender identity of Japanese women pro wrestlers (Koko Yutaka Trans.). In A. D. Horton (Ed.), Identity in Professional Wrestling: Essays on Nationality, Race and Gender (pp.120-136). McFarland & Company, Inc, Publishers.
2017 Transformed Bodies and Gender: Experiences of Women Pro Wrestlers in Japan. Osaka: Union Press.
2016 “The impact of women’s pro wrestling performances on the transformation of gender” (Translated by Minata Hara), In B. Chow, C. Warden and E. Laine (Eds.), Performance and Professional Wrestling (pp.85-94). Oxon, UK: Routledge.
2013 Joshi puroresura no shintai to jienda -kihanteki onnarashisa wo koeta (Bodies of women professional wrestlers and gender: Beyond the normative femininity). Akashi shoten.
2011 Aiba, K. Japanese Women Professional Wrestlers and Body Image. In K. Fujimura-Fanselow, Transforming Japan: How Feminism and Diversity Are Making A Difference. NY: The Feminist Press.
2008 “Engi to shiteno jyoshi puroresu to jienda no choetsu”(Women’s Professional Wrestling as Performance and Transgression of Gender), Kokusaigaku kenkyu 34:1-20.
2008 “Tatakau ginou to jikobouei: jyoshi puroresura no shintai to jienda”(Combat Skills and Self-Defense: Gender and the Bodies of Women Professional Wrestlers), Gender and Sexuality 3:3-22.
2007 “Henyou shita shintai eno jiko ninshiki: jyosi puroresura no shintai to jienda” (Self-Perceptions Toward Transformed Bodies: Bodies of Professional Women Wrestlers and Gender),Supotsu to genda kenkyu (Journal of Sport and Gender Studies) 5:4-17.
2001 Aiba, K. & Wharton, A. Job-Level Sex Segregation and the Sex Pay Gap in a Large Japanese Firm. Sociological Perspectives 44, 67-87.

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