ABE Nozomu

Abe Nozomu
Abe Nozomu 阿部 望
1973 B.A. Economics, Hitotsubashi University
1976 Completed Masters Course, Economics, Hitotsubashi University
1980 Completed the Doctorate Course, Economics, Hitotsubashi University
European Economy, Economic Policy
Introductory Seminar
Introduction to Economics A & B
Regional Economic Integration
Graduation Seminar
Graduation Project
Research topics
Sustainable Development Policies in the EU
Recent Activities and Publications
2006 The Industrial Policy of Consumer Sovereignty. (Co-authored with Kageyama Kiichi.) Chûô keizaisha.
2001 Policy Studies of Post Welfare States. (Co-authored with Maruo Naomi, et al.) Minerva shobô.
1999 Contemporary UK Policies for Industrial Competitiveness. Tôkai University Press.
1993 The Crisis and Collapse of the Yugoslav Economy. Nihon hyôronsha.
1991 An International Comparison of Economic Systems. Tôkai University Press.
Personal Statement
My present research centers on policies for sustainable development in the EU and northern Europe. “Sustainable development” does not simply refer to continued economic expansion, but rather growth that neither generates ecological problems nor social instability. My studies examine the formulation of such policies for stimulating this kind of economic development.
In my teaching, I strongly recognize the value of closely working with students both in and outside the traditional classroom setting. For example, in my Field Studies course, I take students on a study tour to Europe so they can concretely experience the realities of that economic system. Activities include visits to enterprises, government ministries, and universities. Students receive lectures and presentations, and have opportunities for exchanges with studies in the regions they visit.

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