Academic Advising
From the first year, you have an Academic Adviser who is a full-time GTS faculty member. You may consult your advisor on all educational matters, ranging from simple questions over course selections to plans for study abroad or an internship. Many professors meet advisees during their regular office hours. You will find these times posted outside the Faculty of International Study’s office on the 2nd fl. of Building Eight.

GTS Faculty

  • Abe Nozomu Photo
    ABE Nozomu
    European economy, economic policy.
  • AIBA Keiko Photo
    AIBA Keiko
    Gendered Physical Socialization of Adolescent Girls
    Gender and bodies of Japanese women professional wrestlers.
    Women’s empowerment through their bodies.
  • Igawa_wide
    IGAWA, Jennifer
    Academic English Program coordinator.
    Metacognition and Language Learning.
  • GILL, Tom Photo
    GILL, Tom
    Homelessness in Japan, Britain and America.
    Irregular labor, especially day laborers.
  • Shimoyachi_05加工後
    International Relations, Transitional Justice.
  • Sun Youn LEE
    Human Capital and Labor Market Outcomes
    Effects of Noncognitive Skills
  • VESEY, Alexander Photo
    VESEY, Alexander
    The social history of early modern Buddhist temples and the clergy.
    The cultural history of Japanese religions.
  • WATSON, Michael Photo
    WATSON, Michael
    Premodern and early modern Japanese literature.
    Its reception and translation in foreign countries
  • YOSHII Atsushi Photo
    YOSHII Atsushi
    International law, law of the sea, international disputes resolution.

Classes taught by International Studies(IS) Department faculty

  • HANZAWA Asahiko 半澤 朝彦
    Development processes of imperial systems with a focus on the U.S.
    British imperial history.
    World history.
    UN/Peace building.
    Introduction to International Relations
  • HIRAYAMA Megumi 平山 恵
    Social development.
    Heath education.
    Health policies.
    Social development (Service Learning)
  • IWAMURA Hideyuki 岩村 英之
    International integration and political economics.
    Political science methodology.
    International Finance
  • NAMIOKA Shintaro 浪岡 新太郎
    Political sociology.
    Comparative political science.
    Peace studies.
    Minority Politics
  • OIWA Keinosuke 大岩 圭之助
    Cultural anthropology.
    Culture and ecology.
    Localization: How to think and act locally (Service Learning)
  • OKAWA Reiko 大川 玲子
    Islamic studies.
    Qur’anic studies.
    Islamic Culture
  • SUEUCHI Keiko 末内 啓子
    International politics
    International political economics.
    Canadian foreign relations.
    International Political Economy
  • SUN Zhan kun 孫 占坤
    International law.
    Legal Issues in International Relations
  • TAKAHARA Takao 高原 孝生
    International politics.
    Peace studies.
    Disarmament studies.
    Peace Studies
  • TANAKA Keiko 田中 桂子
    Applied linguistics and education.
    Critical Reading and Writing
    Intercultural Communication